Searching the Internet for “Medical Assistant” – Is Google Search Still Relevant?


When I enter the search term medical assistant into any search engine query box, I essentially mean “what is a medical assistant”, not medical assistant jobs, medical assistant training, or one page that gives me a general blah-blah-blah rewritten from authority sites. At this moment, the 1st page results for “medical assistant” is not good, and I am sad to see Google has strongly affected the rankings of, which used to be the top ranking, most active site for aspiring and seasoned medical assistants on the Web.

Over the years, the leading website for medical assistants has received many emails from happy users, who spontaneously sent comments of appreciation, such as this one from 05.01.2012:

“I just wanted to tell you I found your site, it provides clear information that I find helpful.”

Christi S….., RN
Nursing Department Manager
Gr…. Pa…. Clinic, LLP
495 SW Ramsey Ave.
Grants Pass, OR 97527


After the so called Panda and the latest Penguin algorithm changes at Google, their search results are a real mess, and I mean truly. For example, when I search for a simple query, such as “medical assistant”, I do not mean medical assistant job, medical assistant school, medical assistant training, or a one page blah-blah page written off other authority sites so they can get users to click on their over-optimized ads. Authority sites, that define the search term, and offer original informational content for the said key word are virtually gone, even the Bureau of Labor (BLS) page for “medical assistant”, and that is sad. Users who type medical assistant are usually looking for a definition.

I have already changed by default search engine to BING as its results are much better. I also like DuckDuckGo. Google’s layout is way too messy for me – cluttered up by dozens of ads top and right, shopping results, images, then predictably all the big name stores, plus eBay and Wiki… Come to think of it, it’s not just the layout, the results are a mess and do not feature sites that deliver usable content for the user.

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