Wages and Pay

Medical Assistant Earnings

Your medical assistant earning will depend on your experience, skill level and location where you work, for example a medical assistant staring salary in a specialty office in states like Massachusetts and Connecticut can be as much as $17.50 an hour (starting!). A medical assistant in the Boston area can easily earn $22 dollars and more per hour.

Medical Assistant Wages and Pay

[sociallocker]The longer you stay on board the more your medical assistant wages will go up and accordingly you may also earn valuable benefits, such as paid leave time, employment sponsored savings plan, tuition reimbursement and retirement plans where the doctor matches a percentage of your contributions to your retirement account so you can build a nice nest egg.


Medical Assistant Average* Annual Pay

General medical and surgical hospitals $29,720
Colleges, universities and professional schools $28,820
Offices of physicians $28,710
Outpatient care centers $28,570
Offices of other health practitioners $25,240

[/sociallocker]We believe that medical assistants today can add at least $2,000 to $4,000 per year to the annual national average wage figures in the above table, which are May 2008 figures from the Department of Labor (BLS). A medical assistant’s take home pay depends largely on the amount of experience, location, size of the practice and specializations. As medical assistants handle more and more clinical and administrative routines within the medical assistant scope of practice their pay increases accordingly.

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