Education and Training Programs for Older Adults


There are many older workers who are preparing for work in this increasingly competitive job market. Even though many citizens ages 50 and older acquired limited skills doing their work history, they are now being hired in skilled jobs that provide good benefits and in some cases may supplement their SSI and Medicare.

Many jobs are open to them in teaching, nursing, and medical office environments. 

Free Education and Training Programs for Senior Adults

What you might find is surprising is that there are many education and training programs available to the older population. Nearly 60 percent of accredited colleges or universities are granting tuition waivers for older adults. For example; there’s a Senior Adults Scholarship Program in Alabama that provides free tuition for mature citizens ages 60 and over, who are admitted into a public two-year college or university. The state of Tennessee offers tuition waivers and discounts for senior citizens. Many schools in Michigan offer tuition waivers for seniors. Bottom line is you have to check or research your particular state.


If you are a military veteran with a service connected disability, you may qualify for the Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation Program.  This program allows veterans with a service connected disability of 10% of more to attend college. Tuition, fees and books are fully covered by the US Government.  There’s also a monthly subsistence allowance paid; amount varies on number of dependents; however some veteran programs have limitations on taking online courses. See your Vet representative or visit for more information.

There are many public employment and training service programs available like the Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP), website:

This program enables individuals to participate in temporary training assignments where they gain valuable on-the-job work experience and training needed to gain employment in the private sector. Again this program may vary from state to state.

If you are really looking to get back to work or retrain. Whether you want to work full-time, or part-time, one the best careers fields to enter into is the healthcare industry. Many citizens 50 and older find working as a medical office receptionist, administrative medical assistant, medical billing clerk and/or in the medical coding department of a smaller medical practice, or hospital very a rewarding job that they can keep pace with.

For those who are looking to supplement their social security income, you must check with your SSI office to find out what or if there are any limitations on income you can receive. You might be limited to working 20 hours or less a week. 

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