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While still remaining a largely unregulated discipline, the medical assistant is held to certain standards and is expected to follow and uphold all laws and regulations that govern the medical and healthcare community.

What Is A Medical Assistant Allowed To Do?

Medical assistants are unlicensed employees in the healthcare system, and local and state laws require that a supervising physician, surgeon, or podiatrist must be present whenever clinical tasks, especially direct patient care procedures, are performed. [sociallocker]Employers, often doctors, who are … Continue reading

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Can Medical Assistants Be Sued?

Laws that Govern Medical Assistants in the USA Many working medical assistants are under the impression that when there are no specific laws and organizations that govern them then there are no liabilities. Nothing could be further from the truth. It … Continue reading

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Medical Assistant With Prior Conviction Seeks Job

Phoenix posted the following question in our medical assistant forum: “My friend lives in California an considered becoming a MA. The problem is she has a criminal record. She wants to better her life now and start over. Will anyone … Continue reading

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