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Ready For the Job But Not Enough Experience?

  You have achieved your goal and successfully completed your medical assistant training program; but now that you are going through the job application process, you realize that most medical assistant positions offered require at least 1-2 years of experience. … Continue reading

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Choosing the Right Career after High School

There are many young Americans today just graduating from High School that are looking to go right into the job market, and start their new career within a year or less within graduating. Let’s face it,  with today’s uncertain economy, the unemployment rate remaining high, college tuition … Continue reading

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Medical Assistants: The Backbone Of A Medical Office

Doctors everywhere rely heavily on their medical assistants. Danni R., Owner/FounderAdvanced Medical Assistant Custom Web Design, LLC   Backing The Medical Office Team Most medical offices consist of a team of allied health and medical professionals, non-licensed assisting staff and skilled … Continue reading

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Become A Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA)

Exciting Opportunities in Medical Laboratory Assisting A Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) is another fast growing and in demand career among allied health and medical professions.  Medical laboratory assistants are in demand in hospitals, major medical centers and specialized healthcare offices. Often, … Continue reading

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A Gentle Touch a Day Keeps White Coat Syndrome Away

A medical assistant should know how and be able to provide a personal and caring touch that helps a patient feel comfortable, or at ease. This does not have to always be a physical touch, but can be as little as … Continue reading

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Working in the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is the largest industry in the American economy and includes public and private hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, offices of physicians, dentists and other licensed practitioners, home healthcare services, outpatient care centers and other ambulatory healthcare services and … Continue reading

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Medical Assistant Day-To-Day Operations

Front Desk Duties As an administrative medical assistant working the front desk for a doctor’s office, or medical center, you will be required to pull and file medical records and patient charts, register each new patient, and verify their address, insurance … Continue reading

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Medical Assistant Information Technology (IT)

Gone are the days of clip boards and medical charts carried by the medical assistant, or nurse. Today’s medical assistants, especially certified medical assistants, are headed toward the future and need to be prepared and well trained in Information Technology … Continue reading

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The Medical Assistant Unsung Superhero

Difficult Situations In A Medical Office Dealing with people who are sick, or have health concerns and feel out of control can be difficult and stressful. Certain medical and healthcare facilities are busier than others by nature, and some experience … Continue reading

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Medical Assistant Mobility Now and Beyond

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 68.1 percent of 2010 high school graduates are enrolled in colleges or universities, which means that close to 32% of high school graduates will be entering the job market immediately, or seeking … Continue reading

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