About The Author, Danni R.

Danni R., owner/founder of the Advanced Medical Assistant Custom Web Design, LLC and a well known web developer, professional blogger, author and web content writer has changed the way medical assistants surf the World Wide Web.

Danni R., Web Author, Blogger, Writer

Danni R., Web Author, Blogger, Writer

Danni R. is a former Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) through the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) and a Certified Clinical and Administrative Medical Assistant (CCMA and CMAA) through the National healthcareer Association (NHA). In this capacity she then taught the medical assisting curriculum at well known vocational training institutions, including the Porter and Chester Institute, Branford Hall and the Ultrasound Diagnostics School in Massachusetts.

First Appearances
The Medical Assistant Net website made its humble debut in early 2002. As a then working medical assistant Danni R. recognized the need for a medical assistant networking website, and secured the very first domain names for medical assistants to publish information that interests them on the Web.

Prior to the launch of the Medical Assistant Net website in 2002 to the Internet a search for a medical assistant website on the world wide web yielded very few results. While there were many websites created by and for nurses, there were virtually none dedicated to medical assistants! We pride ourselves that we were the driving force to changing that.

Danni R.’s goal was to provide essential career information to prospective medical assistant students and raise awareness of the rewards and challenges the medical assistant career brings along; furthermore:


  1. Explain various medical assistant training options and programs
  2. Show how the Internet can be used for professional and personal advancement and education
  3. Provide links to other medical assistant websites and resources
  4. Give advise on personal self-improvement and professional growth essential for medical assistants
  5. Provide networking opportunities for medical assistants and collaboration among peers
  6. Publish articles for the medical assistant professional

Over her tenure as an online instructor and website owner Danni R. has generated millions of page views of educational content and has mentored countless aspiring medical assistant students and professionals. She has been honored with several awards, among them the Online Mentor Award, Online Instructor Award, Century Teacher Award and the prestigious Millennium Educator Award for her unselfish efforts.

Thousands of medical assistants who work in various capacities and settings throughout the healthcare industry surf in on this well known website daily. They arrive to read the latest professional trends, learn how they can get ahead in their career, and find networking tools to communicate with other medical assistants who are also working in this field.

Since its debut on the Internet the Medical Assistant Net website has undergone numerous changes and has grown to be the premier online resource for medical assistants and healthcare professionals. This site consistently holds top positions one on all major search engines, including Google, Yahoo!, and MSN Bing Search and is listed with many well known Web directories and search indices.

Today, Danni R. is an established business owner, website developer, online testing professional and entrepreneur who continues to enjoys the art of writing industry specific content and publishing well respected websites and blogs. It is her unique background in healthcare sciences and artistic talents that makes her the ideal author of such sites.

You can connect with Danni R. on Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

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